Community Spotlight 🧐 August 2023


Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop – we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can’t wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of August! 🤩

Projector Cross Section by StarCpt

View a cutaway of projected ships with this mod! Supposedly great for hand building ships layer by layer.

You can select the axis of the cutaway plane, starting layer, and layers to show from the starting layer. Let me know if I missed any obvious configs.

ModAdjusterV2 by Ash Like Snow

Framework to allow editing of definitions from other mods (e.g. for balancing) without reuploading.

PAS – Autopilot by [HELLBENT]

This script is designed for automatic and semi-automatic control of “Airplanes” – grids with wings (e.g. Plane Parts) and a single thrust vector (i.e. all thrusters facing the same direction).

Simply put, for airplanes in the usual sense of the term. BUT! It can work with regular ships too, they’ll just act like airplanes.

Engineer League by AeQuArTz

Do you enjoy Rocket League? Are you also an avid Space Engineers enjoyer? Well come along to Engineer League, a functional 0 gravity version of RL within SE!

(just make sure damage is turned off)

Speed Engineers [Scenario] (Speed Halo) by Jakaria

This is a recreation of Halo’s “Speed Halo” game mode for 2-13 Players.

Hunters must kill all the survivors by forcing their vehicle to crash.

Battlestar Galactica: Weapons by aczel2

I got the weapons from the Series from the movies and from the Bsg Deadlock Strategy game.

Retractable Battleship Pack by Killerbee77

TIO engineers have been hard at work designing a variety of heavier weapons. Many TIO warships were simply lacking in the much needed firepower to counter growing threats in the system.

After many years of R&D, a number of battleship weapons were designed for the military.

Humanoid’s rocket proplusion systems pack

This mod adds 9 unique blocks for both large grid and small grid, 25 new block models with animations, LODs and BS models, majority of them are thrusters.

GFA – Repulsorlift Engines by enenra

The repulsorlift engine is an anti-gravity technology created from subnuclear “knots” of space-time made by enormous unmanned power refineries encompassing black holes.

Repulsorlift engines have great power but can only accelerate up to a speed of 25m/s.

Playable chess! by F8Code

Hi everyone! I present to you playable SE chess! Currently it’s a design that uses a 10×20 small grid space, but for your convenience I also attached a large grid to it.

I hope this chess set will make a great addition to your ship/world/server.

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