Community Spotlight 🧐 April 2022


We are continually inspired by our incredible community – your creations, machinations, mods, stories, and visions of the world of Space Engineers drive us to excel. We would like to share a slice of creations that caught our eye during the past month.

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Star System Generator by Patrick

This tool creates random star systems for your game.

I find having to manually place modded planets in my game takes a lot of the fun out of the discovery of the star system, and no matter where I place planets I feel like I’m either cheesing to make it too easy or too hard. So I built this tool.

Plushie character by Chipstix213

Play as a your favorite stuffed toy!

Recon Cameras by Echthros

Ever wanted to scout out a planet before your approach? Check an asteroid for ore and hostiles from over a thousand kilometers way? Track an enemy ship on Mars from the comfort of your moon base?

Well, now you can!

[TMC] Tree Menu Command NET by cheerkin

This script provides graphical interface to terminal block actions in the form of tree-organized menu.
Originally intended to help organizing complex builds with many programmable blocks that require numerous command arguments.

Helps a lot to save toolbar space and removes the need to remember button meanings. Also it helps by grouping commands as you see fit.

Hils Button SciFi Pictures by Skorpion

A lot of Pictures (294) for the Sci-Fi Button panels. The Background color can be changed in the LCD settings.

Nyan Cat Launcher by nukeguard

You can now shoot your enemies with a homing Nyan Cat and Meow meow them to death.

NiteOwl Battery Pack by MTGraves

This battery pack offers 4 high-capacity storage units for increased power storage.

Display Cases by tuks

This mod adds 2 types of display cases which will display their current inventory item. You can rotate the displayed items using pitch/yaw/roll controls in terminal or via toolbar actions.

The block also contains a configurable light source which you can modify to ensure maximum viewing pleasure.

ORESSI Racetrack by Shiro

A scrapyard turned racetrack, Oressi offers a singular track with two shortcuts, packed full of detail and fun twists and turns. From a jump through a crashed, old ship to a shortcut that only opens after someone has already gone through.

Credits to echance01 and Stratus for some ships in the race!

ONRC – ‘Dragon’ – Interplanetary Dropship by [Omega]

The VTOL function of the Dragon allows an additional 2 Large Ions, and 1 Large Atmospheric for two opposite sides to be rotated for better movement in the desired direction (Forwards/Backwards vs Up/Down).

The feature also changes the lighting from red to green when activated so marines know when the dropship is safe to exit.

Battletech – Leopard DropShip by Gowron

A simple and easy-to-maintain design, the Leopard quickly became the standard lance-sized ‘Mech carrier for the original Star League and the Great Houses…

8×8 MARS by arturkandla

Large and small grid combo mars vehicle for creative mode and block destruction off.

NOTE: First of all make sure you have in-game scripts enabled,

[CWP] Aeroppa futuristic City by Daxtеr

Aeropa City is a city of the future located on the planet Takura on the same island with a large volcano. At this stage, the map is laid out in a stripped-down version, this was done specifically for those who inherited the computer from their grandfather.

Clang Blender by green bean

Grind pits? Phhffft… Vintage

Press the button for your ultimate smoothie experience!


We want to thank you for your continued work and inspiration. We will be searching, every month, for more great community additions, mods, blocks, builds. scripts, and stories.

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