Community Spotlight 🧐 December 2023


Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop – we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. πŸ’«

We can’t wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of December! 🀩

Pax Consolidation by Foltast

Welcome to Pax Consolidation.

The ultimate place to explore history and technological advancements of Outer Planets Consolidation!

Star Wars TIE Fighter Modpack – Reforged by Stomachbrain

This mod will contain blocks to build a full modded TIE fighter.

It’s a reforged mod from my old one published in 2018.

Planetary Asteroid Rings by Bravada Cadelanne

This is a mod to add procedural asteroids to the rings of planets.

Asteroids are generated within visual range of players and sync distance of grids, by default being cleaned up if untouched once out of range of any player or grid.

MES Cave Systems by TheFinalEvent97

This mod generates caves of varying sizes and shapes using MES by spawning in temporary grids that begin clearing the voxel inside themselves then despawning.
Caves can spawn regardless of terrain and on any planet, it’s entirely possible for them to appear on the side or top of mountains.

Custom Suits Mod by Jakaria

This mod adds the ability to modify your engineer’s suit by attaching parts to it. Your customization data is saved locally, letting you to bring your suit into other servers with the mod.

Additionally, it serves as a framework for other mods to add their own custom parts.

SandWorm by Chipstix213

Beware the treacherous sands, for beneath the serene surface of the desert lies a dangerous threatβ€”the sandworms.

Such serpentine creatures, these predators pose both a physical danger to travellers and a risk to the delicate balance of the desert ecosystem.

General Productivity Module by LukaszL

A large 2x4x5 upgrade module increasing speed and yield at cost of power efficiency.

With 4 upgrade ports located on the corners to make optimal placement on refineries and other blocks a bit more interesting.

Recharging Station by Elachi Dance Party

Do you get tired of running about looking for a seat or a med bay when you are just trying to build?

Well fear not, now you can place some charging stations nearby to refill that pesky suit energy!

F.S.S. Dauntless by Kelevra

Faction Supply Ship
34840 PCU, 7691 blocks, 220m long
survival ready, no subgrids
optional scripts (SIMPL and Navigation)

Holidays Encore

Space Engineers Advent Collection | 2023 by [Omega]

This collection is a part of the 2023 Advent Calendar event hosted by Myself, Lunar, Yoshi, Reaver, Gontarekt and Indy.

UfoL’s Snowballs

Mod adds a simple snowball as an alternative ammo for handheld rocket launchers.

Craftable in survival with ice. Does minor damage, just so you know when you get hit.

Bean’s Holiday Resort by green bean

Welcome to Bean’s Holiday Resort!

Here you can do all sorts of winter thingies, such as throw snow, go sledding, observe the auroras, go saunoing and …chill around a fireplace!

2023 Christmas Experience by Incanatus

This year I’ve brought the community one hell of a gift. A small Christmas village with a model Polar Express Locomotive.

This village includes plenty of my faction based builds while also bringing along some festive ones like Clang’s Sleigh and even some reindeer in front of the lodge.

Christmas Minigame World by skivel2

For Children Of All Ages who can play SE!

The lid on Clang’s presents will automatically open when you approach with Rudolph the Loader. Clang is already bragging about how he has 2 presents and his are larger…

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