Community Spotlight 🧐 July 2022


Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop – we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can’t wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of July 🤩

Survival Reborn: Spacewalk by Paradox Reborn

A survival-oriented overhaul of character movement, suit resources, and the jetpack.

Also serves as a balanced anti-hydroman mod for PVP.

Hazard Mechanics by TheSuperintendnt & PirateRockabillyPunksInSpace

This mod is intended to make add new risks to the player in the form of Heat, Cold, Radiation and Electrocution damage. To help reduce certain risks new suits (Hazmat and Miner) have been added. Also note there are some new HUD Indicator Icons too.

Secondary is a more realistic implementation of reactors which now require “control rods” (Silver/Cobalt ingots), Coolant and can be over fueled. Reactors will also enter a “runaway” and/or “meltdown” state.

MWI – Weapon Collection 3 [WeaponCore] by Mexpex

After a way too long time in the making Mexpex Warfare Industries is back once more with a new line up of weapons!

We got coils, we got missiles and of course the new and improved version of the classic Battleship Cannon.

Fabric Passages by kickformoney

Cheap, lumpy, lighted, what more could you ask for?

All block recipes now require canvas, meaning a Basic Assembler at a minimum will be required to fully weld these.

Vector Thrust OS by Lord Death Pyro

Welcome to the best meta/agility script of Space Engineers.

Big thanks to VectorThrust2, Digi, Whiplash, d1ag0n, feoranis, Malware, and so on to help me with part of the code and solving some problems. I cannot rule out my thanks also to 1wsx10, the original author of Vector Thrust 2 and for providing the majority of the code where this script is working.

Stealth Drive (Cloaking) by Ash Like Snow

This mod adds the stealth drive to the game, allowing ships to become almost invisible and undetectable by weapons.

It also contains heat sink blocks, which allow ships to remain in stealth for longer before needing to drop out to vent accumulated heat..

Turretring Rotors by Eddo of Rivia

A set of of advanced rotors to build turrets and stuff, in line with vanilla style. SG and LG!

Featuring a complex collision model the rotorhead can be sunk into a roundish hole of armor and can be passed through the complete center section, allowing the gun assembly to move freely through there when elevated.

Spinny Plasma Reactor by Chipstix213

Ever wanted to make your engine room look a little more flashy? Trying to capture that Sci-Fi look you saw on that show once?

Now you can!

Madokai Mk5 – a Aegyr Grp Hauler by Errix

The Madokai MK5 is produced by Aegyr Grp. on one of their atmospheric forges. The unusual shape and coloring of this craft, quickly made it popular among the more wealthier traders and explorers.

Since it has a small cargo capacity, it is often used to supply remote outposts or transporting valuable goods in small quantities. Like all Aegyr Grp. ships is it not very well armed and always needs to be escorted.

Tank Powered By Cannon Recoil Engine by T0pOxyg3n

This tank uses 560 assault cannon recoil or 16 “piston” engine to move forwards.

The recoil power is transferred from cannons to tracks using gears, clutch and other mechanical things.

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