Community Spotlight 🧐 March 2023


Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop – we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. 💫

We can’t wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of March! 🤩

P.O.M – XL Blocks by Shadestuff

This mod adds 23 new large grid building blocks in the form of non-deforming armor-like 5x5x5 sized blocks.

This isn’t a new grid size, but the next best thing.

Aryx Weapon Enterprises – Naval Arsenal by AryxCami

AWE: NA – Otherwise known as “Aw nah” is a Weaponcore weapon mod adding 10 new guns, turrets and explosives to the game, because these are the three things that solve any problem.

Assault Weapons Pack WeaponCore Edition by ribera1945e

Welcome to Assault Weapons Pack WeaponCore Edition!

Latest version of AWP configured for the latest WC. It’s set in well balance.

Frigate – PvP Map by Captain Arbiter

All new pvp infantry arena from Northeast Heavy Industries. Loosely inspired by Midship / Heretic from Halo.

Features a railgun hazard down the middle of the map!

Force Dynamic Grids by nevcairiel

This mod will monitor all static grids for split events, and then ensure all parts of it that can be dynamic, will be.

Graphics Revamped by Fizz

A Graphics mod that make some QOL changes 🙂

Projector Highlighter by BDCarrillo

Ever had trouble finding that one projected block that didn’t get placed?

I introduce to you the Projector Highlighter!

Angled Attachments by Archon

This mod adds simple armor-like blocks that have subgrid attachment points in 15, 30, and 45 degree increments.

Presidental Tinted Glass by SEModder4

Gives all the glass (outside edges only) a nice limousine black shade that you can’t see through.

Don’t worry though as you can see still out the insides of fighter seats and the opposite sides of window blocks are still the same.

Battleship MSI Salvation by Poanage

Length: 385m
Mass: 62 million kg
Blocks: 30,799
PCU: 156883

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