Community Spotlight 🧐 October 2023


Our favorite pastime is browsing through the workshop – we are in love with all the creations our players are constantly sharing. πŸ’«

We can’t wait every month to spotlight mods and blueprints that catch our eye and have the potential to make your time in Space Engineers more interesting and unique.

Here is our spotlight for the month of October! 🀩

Vortex Tactical – Animated Weaponcore Hand Weapons by Palpatine

Prepare to revolutionize your Space Engineers experience with Vortex Tactical – Animated Weaponcore Hand Weapons.

This exceptional mod elevates the gameplay by replacing vanilla hand weapons with a suite of high-quality, fully animated models.

Close To Home Scenario by wellington6012

Hello Space Engineers, welcome to the second installment of the Far From Home scenario, Close To Home.

Having travelled 25000km across open space, you arrive home to an empty house, finding a message left by the Unyielding Dealers [UDDE], containing some disturbing information.

Torpedo Turret by Elindis

The Torpedo Turret is a vanilla-based, high-explosive missile turret with a low rate of fire.

I balanced it against the vanilla Rocket Turret, as well as the warfare turrets, and gave it a niche in the 600-1000m range as a heavy explosive weapon.

Space Anchor by 寂语不言丢

When turned on, make the grid ignore the effect of gravity. But this effect is overwritten by artificial mass blocks, subjecting the grid to artificial gravity.

Quantum Tether by CommanderChet

Adds a block which keeps player inventories within a certain range stocked with Components.

Amount and Type are Configurable.

SE DOS Inventory 1.0 by [R].DrHousexx

This custom script for Space Engineers offers a unique visual experience by displaying your inventory in a graphical format using intuitive icons.

Whether you’re managing a single container or multiple ones simultaneously, this script is versatile and efficient.

BattleBots Arena by Aragath

Fully automated Arena systems control the countdowns, light effects and sequences.

10 x unique premade bots to try or compete with.

Planet Limitar by AryxCami

Limitar is the gas giant parent planet of Typhoon, with an icy core and turbulent weather.

Be warned getting within 250m of the surface may result in rapid (and rather unplanned) disassembly of any unfortunate ship.

Titan Flug Arcade Automat 1.0 by Jasba

Titan Flug Arcade Automat for Space Engineers!

Klangaroo by John Long

Ever seen anyone ride a Kangaroo before? No? Well there’s a good reason.

Everything this mech does, a small rover or aircraft could do better, but what’s the fun in that?

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