Creator Spotlight: Beeblebum


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Continuing our series of Space Engineers Creator Spotlights with Beeblebum.

My adventure with Space Engineers began around 10 months ago. My first encounter with the game was during a “First Impressions” livestream, where I blindly jumped into a game. That was a blend of comedy and frustration – the former for my viewers, and the latter for me. My initial frustration stemmed from the lack of clear in-game direction and tutorial, leaving me pretty clueless. Despite these challenges, there was no denying the immense potential of Space Engineers. So, I ended my stream and looked for guidance from “you know who” (Splitsie) – the community’s go-to expert whose beginner guides are almost a rite of passage for new players. Their insights were crucial in helping me navigate the game’s complexities and reshape my understanding of it.

Since that turning point, I’ve invested about 750 hours into Space Engineers, and my admiration for it has only grown. To me, it’s an underrated masterpiece in the gaming world, which is no doubt, due to the game’s initial steep learning curve.

But once they get past that, they’re rewarded with a universe of endless creativity and exploration. A testament of that is the workshop and the outstanding creations crafted by the community. The range of vehicles, ships, worlds, scenarios, and mods is truly inspiring and speaks volumes about the game’s capacity to spark creativity.

In my content creation, I’ve always leaned towards challenges, and Space Engineers has been the perfect fit for me in this regard. I’ve focused on keeping my gameplay authentic and challenging, steering clear of mods that reduce the inherent grind. This approach not only suits my style but also helps preserve the core experience of the game.

Apart from that, I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to the community by creating a series of beginner’s guides. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to see these guides help new players find their footing in the SE universe. Being a part of the community’s growth and helping newcomers embark on their own journeys in this expansive game is something I take great pride in.

Space Engineers | Beginners Guides

In this Beginner’s Guide, we’ll be covering Space Engineers game-modes, the HUD, and how to get started in the Survival game-mode.

If you’re new to Space Engineers, or just want to start playing the game in a more comfortable way, this guide is for you!

B-15SG Homing Missile

The B-15SG Homing Missile is a Self Guiding Missile that will detect and intercept enemy vessels within 1,5 Km.

The Blueprint itself is a launcher with an integrated projector that allows you to print the missile right on top of the Launcher.

Escape from MARS – Space Engineers Live Stream Series

Follow our brave Space Engineers on their mission to escape the mysterious and dangerous planet of MARS. 

Pump Jack – Oil Pump

Add a touch of industrial flair to your Space Engineers environments with the Pump Jack.

This non-functional, yet fully animated Oil Pump Jack is the perfect addition to your industrial builds.

Clyde – Plunge Miner

Plunge Miner – build for the Co-Op Series with Survival Bob: The Rules of Acquisition.

You can find more of the amazing creations by Beeblebum here and his youtube channel here.

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