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Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with BlackArmor – the King of Mechs. 

We invite you to browse BlackArmor’s extensive workshop collection. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

“The first time I ever saw Space Engineers was in 2015 when I stumbled across a video showcasing some blocky Star Wars ships. I was intrigued. The ships were much easier on the eyes than Minecraft style builds. I could easily tell what they were supposed to be and that was good enough for me. Then the player crashed one of the ships into the wall of the hangar he was in and I saw the explosion, deformation, the new hole in the wall, and little bits of ship parts floating out into the asteroid field surrounding his area. This is where the reality of what I had discovered started to sink in. This game had depth. Further video research revealed the presence of functional blocks like wheels, rotors, pistons and timers, and I could hardly control the amount of ideas entering my head. This was the beginning of the era where Space Engineers quite simply took over my life.

As a college Engineering student at the time, the game was indescribable. The near limitless potential of being able to create almost anything I could imagine would consume my thoughts during these early days. However, where most players would start pursuing practical designs at this point like ships and miners, I jumped into the mechanical fringes of the game and never looked back. My first walking machine was made within a week and I was hooked. The constant problem solving and need for creative solutions was addictive, and the satisfaction of seeing the finished product do exactly what you designed it to was beyond gratifying. For this reason, I can probably count on two hands the number of things I’ve made that didn’t involve subgrids and moving parts.

As years went by my methods improved. I started making Youtube videos to show how my builds would function because pictures just couldn’t do them justice. These videos gained more attention than I had ever anticipated and it quickly turned into a secondary hobby for me. Eventually I felt I had accumulated enough experience to start doing tutorials and try to share my tips with the rest of the player base. This would also aid in my never-ending battle to end the tyranny of the “Space Boats” on the steam workshop and hopefully inspire people to branch out to create more interesting projects than single grid ships.

Nowadays my free time is not what it once was. I have gained a wife, kids, and a career as a military pilot. I have to justify playing the game now by doing things like recreating my actual house so I can decide where to put furniture or what color the front door should be. I’ll still get the occasional mech video out though, and the satisfaction from completing those reinforces why this will always be my #1 game. The “Need to Create” never goes away, and I’m so thankful to KSH for providing this creative outlet that has changed my life.

Lightning Saix Zoid

The Lightning Saix (Sykes) is a Cheetah-Type Zoid.

– Activate / Deactivate Stance
– Walking and Running
– Turning with A and D
– MART Turret with Recoil Effect
– Roar Function
– Entrance Lift
– Boosters
– Moving Fins

Pteras Bombing System

This is a Pterosaur-type of Zoid which has an attached missile reloading system. All you have to do is land on the wheels on the pad, then press one button once connected.

– Animated Cockpit / Canopy
– Flight / Landing Mode
– Wings Fold Forwards or Backwards
– Walking (Shuffling)
– Rocket Salvo
– 2 Scripted TOW Missiles
– Automated Missile Reload Pad with Alignment System

Drone Support Dropship

The Drone Support Dropship is a platform for deploying cheap walking drones to a battlefield. The drones are equipped with parachutes for high altitude drops or they can be deployed from a few feet off the ground. The dropship is modeled after a Condor from Dropzone Commander.

– 8 Quadrupedal Walking Drones (4 Gatling, 4 Missile)
– Multiple Deployment Options (High Alt. Sequenced or Individual, Low Alt. Individual)
– Detachable Decoys
– 2 Fixed Gatling Guns

Vulture Mech

The Vulture is modeled after concept art by Galan Pang.

– Bipedal Walking
– Start, Stop and Restart Ability
– Activation/Shutdown Sequence
– Entry/Exit Lift
– Slaved AI Turret
– Optional MART Control
– 4 Gatlings, 2 Rockets
– Looks like a doom chicken


I’ve been wanting to make a treehouse for a while. Since I couldn’t find a good way to add one to the in-game trees, I made my own tree. Once the small grid survival kit was released and I could actually spawn IN the treehouse, I felt it was complete.

– Small Grid Tree
– Multi-level Structure with Ladder Ramps
– Living Room, Kitchen, Breakfast Nook, Bedroom, Dining Area, Bathroom, Bookshelf, Outer Decks
– Tire Swing
– Retractable Solar Panels
– Large Grid Production Blocks Underground (Reactor, Batteries, Refinery, Assembler, Large Cargo)

You can find more of the amazing creations by BlackArmor here.

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