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Continuing our series of Space Engineers Creator Spotlights with Kanajashi.

Hello, fellow Engineers! I am Kanajashi, a Space Engineers YouTuber.
My journey in SE started out quite early in the game’s development – I still have the steam receipt in my email with the date May 2014!

I had purchased the game and played casually on and off for several years. During that time I was making YouTube content for another video game called Mechwarrior Online. While I was becoming one of the main YouTubers in that game’s community I was watching Splitsie’s “Survival, Maybe…” series and was inspired to make my own space engineers content as a fun side project. However I had no way of predicting what would happen to one of my videos and how that would permanently change the trajectory of my channel.

Right after the release of patch 1.189.0 which contained the major survival overhaul and marked the point at which the game left early access there was a large amount of people trying out the game and therefore searching for YouTube content about it. It just so happens I had recently posted a video talking about creating an automatic mining rig and with this influx of interest for the game the YouTube algorithm decided to give that video the midas touch. Seemingly overnight my Space Engineers videos went from just a few dozen views to thousands and far surpassed my Mechwarrior Online content.
This gave me a unique opportunity to pivot the main focus of my YouTube channel and I took it, making Space Engineers content my main focus.

From there I have been trying to one up myself with every season that I create:

  • Season 1 happened during this transition period towards mainly Space Engineers content so I was still figuring things out. However it featured one of my favorite base designs with what is essentially the city from the matrix ‘Zion’ on the moon.
  • Season 2 had some of my biggest megastructures I have ever done with tunnels spanning entire mountainsides, collapsible solar towers, a spinning reactor core and a 20km long space elevator. This season also marked the start of me creating custom spawn vehicles to start my playthroughs.
  • Season 3 was a return to basics with a journey around the planet Pertam limited to a single large rover and no static grids. I further limited myself by disabling my jetpack forcing myself to think about access ramps and catwalks to move around my rover.
  • Near the end of Season 3 I was invited to join with Splitsie and Capac as a mercenary in their “Escape from Purgatory” series. It was a great honor to be invited as Splitsie was the main reason why I started creating Space Engineers content in the first place! Splitsie would have me back acting as an enemy bot during his “Wrong Way… Up?” stream series.
  • Season 4 was my first introduction to the water mod, industrial overhaul and custom planets. It was also the first time I employed the help of community members to act as enemies for the crescendo events and series finale.
  • Escape from Mars was originally intended to be filler while season 5 was being developed but it ended up being one of my favorite series to create. AndrewmanGaming was a blast to play with and this was the first season that I employed my editor Moos3h.
  • And at the time of writing this I am in the thick of it for season 5 which is my most ambitious series yet. It has an entirely custom solar system with multiple planets, moons and a storyline to discover with a diverse array of mods that fundamentally change how the game is played with realistic thruster forces and orbiting planets.

Recently I have been dipping my toes into running community events such as the Pertam Rally which takes place every July. Contestants have a time limit of an hour to create a rover to race around the face of Pertam. There are prizes for the winners and I am looking to hold additional events in the future!

A special thanks to members of my community that have been helping me create my content:
GnatTheGnome for his excellent work creating the Season 5 scenario and storyline.
DFPercush for his coding skills as he created several custom scripts for my use.
Moos3h for his amazing video editing, I couldn’t keep up with my content without him.
Splitsie for inspiring me to create Space Engineers content in the first place.”

Space Elevator Operational

The most ambitious build I have ever done! With grids over 20km long I pushed the limits of the game engine to the breaking point.

I ran into the physical shape limit multiple times during the construction and had to split the tower into several different grids in order for it to work.

Needlessly Spinning Reactor Core

Do I need the reactor to have multiple concentric rings of hinges spinning in different directions with their speed based on the current power usage? Absolutely not!

Is it cool looking? Damn right it is!

Folding Solar Tower

Another example of me overengineering a simple problem just because it’s cool.

Pertam Dakar Rally

My first community event that I have ever hosted. Contestants had a time limit of an hour to create a rover to race around the face of Pertam.

There were prizes for the winners and I am looking to hold additional events in the future!

Automatic Mining Rig

The video that started it all. This video was given the midas touch by the youtube algorithm and is currently my most viewed video on the channel.

The success of this video is what convinced me to focus on Space Engineers content and the rest is history.

You can find more of the amazing creations by Kanajashi here and his youtube channel here.

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