Creator Spotlight: Splitsie


Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

Continuing our series of Space Engineers Creator Spotlights with Splitsie.

My journey with Space Engineers began in 2014 when I finally broke up with EVE online. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of people get into this game. Hopefully sharing a good portion of the massive piles of fun I’ve had in the past 10 years.

The first thing I ever shared of Space Engineers was a little animated series called Light Echoes, it was a passion project created with my highschool friend Capac. Since then I’ve made tutorials, all manner of ridiculous contraptions and even driven a rover from one planet to another (with limited success), I’ve flown in dogfights, drilled cliff side roadways, built catapults to launch hydrogen tanks and even built a trebuchet.

Despite all that, I’m sure there’s plenty more crazy builds to come.

Getting Started in Space Engineers

Tutorial series to guide new and old players alike through Space Engineers survival from the very beginning and through to the point where ridiculous builds seem plausible.

Assertive Combat Systems

Assertive Combat Systems brings life and challenge to your world.

This mod includes cargoships and bases for planets, moons and space. It will progressively increase in challenge as you grow in threat.

Rock Lobster

A mining rover built for the harsh conditions of Omicron, 1.9G and no O2.

Effective at road building and ore deposit mining, can even work as a cargo hauler in a pinch.

Scrapyard Survival

Welcome to the Scrapyard. Space Engineers where what you can’t build, you must find.

Sneaky Sounds – Quieter Tools

This mod reduces the volume of hand tools, ship tools, weather, doors, placement sounds and a few others that often feel deafening, while leaving the explosions booming, gatlings cracking and letting you hear a little bit more of the atmospheric sounds (though not the deafening rain).

Light Echoes

A Space Engineers comedy machinima series, directed and edited by me 🙂
Come along and enjoy the antics of two hapless space engineers: Splitsie and Capac

You can find more of the amazing creations by Splitsie here and his youtube channel here.

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