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Continuing our series of Space Engineers Creator Spotlights with Zer0.

“Hello everyone, my name is Zer0, and I run the YouTube channel Zer0’s Legion.

I first discovered Space Engineers when I watched a video about the game after it was first released in early access. I was completely blown away; it was the game of my dreams brought to life. A game where you could build your own spaceships and then battle with them, and, most importantly, damage to your ships happened in real-time with real hull breaches and bits of your ships flying off when severed from the main hull. To this day, I’ve yet to see another game that simulates destruction like Space Engineers, and it’s still one of my favorite features in the game.
At the time, I didn’t have a PC capable of running the game and wouldn’t for many years, but my love of the game from the sidelines never went away.

Years later, I got a gaming PC and bought Space Engineers. I had a lot of fun playing with my friends where we played a mix of survival and creative mode. We hosted weekly creative challenges, where we would try to build planes for dogfights or robots for arena battles (some of which were recorded by said friends and are still on YouTube if you look hard enough).
Whilst we enjoyed playing survival, we felt it was very tedious as most of our time was spent rebuilding ships (that someone had recently crashed) and running back and forth to cargo containers for components. This resulted in us playing more of the creative mode instead. I watched countless tutorials, convinced we were missing something to make the game easier but I couldn’t find anything. Was the game of my dreams not as good as I thought?

By chance, I watched a Space Engineers video on YouTube where the Build Planner was used to extract items from an inventory. At first, I thought it was a mod, but, when I couldn’t find it anywhere, I discovered it was a base game feature! I was outraged. After watching so many videos to figure out what we were doing wrong, I found there was already a feature in Space Engineers that fixed one of my biggest frustrations with survival mode and none of the videos I watched had mentioned it.
Admittedly, the feature was fairly new to the game, but still, I could have saved so much time and frustration if one of the videos had told me. I became determined to make sure other people didn’t have to go through the same frustrations I did, so I decided to make the tutorial that I would have wanted to see as a new player.

My first tutorial did quite well, and I followed it up with two more tutorials, with the three of them together covering most of the things I thought new players would need to know. By my current standards, I don’t think those videos are very good, but they helped a lot of people get started with the game, so they fulfilled their purpose. Warfare 2 came out shortly after that, and I thought, “What kind of videos would I want to watch about this update”, and then made those.

That’s basically how it’s gone from there; I make the kind of Space Engineers videos that I would want to watch (hence why there are lots of ones where I blow things up!) or ones that I would have wanted to watch as a new player. And it seems that other people want to watch them as well!”

I Survived 100 Days In Space Engineers and Went INSANE

100 Days in Space Engineers – A parody of the 100 days in x game concept – but it’s very funny and I had a fun time making it.

Building the MOST DESTRUCTIVE weapon in Space Engineers 💥

Destroying an entire planet in ONE SHOT.

I built a Death Star in one of my first videos, attempting to destroy a planet in one shot was inevitable😈

DESTROYING an ENTIRE PLANET in Space Engineers 🤯

Probably everyone’s fantasy in Space Engineers, it took ages to do but was well worth it.

The MOST BRUTAL Achievement In Space Engineers

This is the video I’m most proud of and I had so much fun making it, even if it did nearly destroyed my friendships in the process. 😔


I love lore and exploring the lore of Space Engineers was very interesting and thanks to this video, we solved the mystery!

You can find more of the amazing creations by Zer0 here and his youtube channel here.

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