Space Engineers – Automatons

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Space Engineers – Automatons

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Space Engineers: Automatons pack includes Emotion Controller, Saddle Cockpit, Compact Saddle Cockpit, Robot Helmet Skin, Plastic Armor Skin, Warning Signs, Top Mounted Camera, Angled Interior Walls, Inset Light Block, Pipework Blocks, Access Panels, Air Vent Fan, Automaton Programmable Block, Automaton Timer Block, Automaton Sensor

This content is not “pay to win” and the owner of the package has no advantage against other players. If you decide not to purchase the Automatons Pack, but you want to play with friends or other players who did buy Automatons Pack, you will still be able to join a multiplayer game or server with them and participate.

Emotion Controller

Machines can be expressive too! The Emotion Controller allows easy communication of grid states through the event controller. Keep your ships happy.

Saddle Cockpit, Compact Saddle Cockpit

Speed through the landscape on a motorcycle style cockpit. Comes in a 3x3x3 and slightly more compact 3x3x2 version.

Robot Helmet Skin

A new helmet skin with a robotic face.

Plastic Armor Skin

A new “plastic” style armor skin.

Warning Signs 

A sign for every occasion. A collection of warning message signs to adorn your ship, and prevent disaster!

Top Mounted Camera

A larger, armored reskin of the traditional camera block.

Angled Interior Wall 

An interior wall angled variant. Used to construct interesting and detailed looking corridors, tunnels or interiors. 

Inset Light Block

An Interior wall with an integrated light. Add lights in a tight corridor or when space is at a premium.

Pipework Block

A new decorative pipework block, for added visual appeal.

Access Panels

Control panel block, with access hatch.

Air Vent Fan

A massive industrial fan variant of the air vent. Includes half-block and full block versions.

Automaton Programmable Block

“Server rack” style Programmable Block variant with a console and LCD panel.

Automaton Timer Block

Following the Programmable Block theme, a “server rack” style timer block.

Automaton Sensor

A larger, armored reskin of the sensor block.

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