Space Engineers – Decorative Pack #2

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  • Space Engineers Decorative Pack #2
  • Space Engineers Decorative Pack #2

Space Engineers – Decorative Pack #2

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The Space Engineers – Decorative Pack #2 includes the Dispenser, the Jukebox, the Lab equipment, the Shower, the Window walls, the Medical station, the Transparent LCD, the Grated catwalks, the Grated stairs and half stairs, the Railings, the Rotating Light and the Freight.

This content is not pay to win and the owner of the package has no advantage against other players. If you decide not to purchase the Decorative Pack #2, but you want to play with friends or other players who did buy the Decorative Pack #2, you will still be able to join a multiplayer game or server with them and enjoy the game.


A vending machine used to distract engineers from the hazards of space and boost morale.


A device that plays music. Great for hosting dance parties or winding down after a hard day’s work.

Lab Equipment

Whether you’re conducting experiments or you simply want to look smart, lab equipment is perfect for decorating interiors.


A shower for decorating interiors and an ideal place to practice singing. Show everyone you care about hygiene.

Window Walls

Transparent windows will keep the air inside and space outside while you enjoy the view in style.

Medical Station

A decorative station that allows engineers to examine their injuries.

Transparent LCD

Transparent LCD panels display pictograms, scripts or customized text.

Grated Catwalks

Catwalks can be used to create safe walkways throughout your creations.

Grated Stairs and Half Stairs

This block allows for compact stairwells in multi-floor designs.


Railings stop engineers from falling off dangerous ledges. Safety first!

Rotating Light

A rotating light to alert engineers of hazardous situations.


Crates left scattered around, indicating hard working engineers have been working in the area.

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