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Space Engineers – Economy Deluxe

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The Space Engineers – Economy Deluxe Pack includes the Miner suit, the Soldier suit, the Disco armor skin, the Silver armor skin, the Glamour armor skin, fourteen Safe zone skins, thirty two Faction icons, the Vending machine and the ATM machine.

This content is not pay to win and the owner of the package has no advantage against other players. If you decide not to purchase the Economy Deluxe Pack, but you want to play with friends or other players who did buy the Economy Deluxe Pack, you will still be able to join a multiplayer game or server with them and enjoy the game.

Miner suit

Perfect for engineers conducting extensive mining operations on planets, asteroids or the Moon; just ask Doctor Halas.

Soldier suit

Fall in! This suit is for engineers that find themselves in combat situations.

Glamour armor skin

If you want to make a statement with your armor, look no further.

Disco armor skin

Whether you’re looking to party or for a unique design for your builds, this is the perfect skin.

Silver armor skin

So sleek and shiny! So… Space Engineers.

Safezone skins (14)

Customize your safe zones with an array of iconic skins. In order to utilize a Safe Zone skin:

  • Grid must be static
  • Grid must have enough energy at least one large reactor
  • At least one Zone Chip in the Safe Zone block inventory
  • Safe Zone block must be enabled
  • Safe Zone must be turned on in Safe Zone block terminal
  • You have to own the Safe Zone skins

Then it will take 2 minutes before the selected safe zone skin appears.

Faction icons (32)

Whether you’re a builder, miner, trader or an independent engineer, we’ve got you covered with these iconic emblems.

Vending machine

Buy items through interactive buttons and have them dispensed immediately into your inventory.


For the exclusive purpose of withdrawing and depositing Space Credits.

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