Modder Spotlight: Bishbash


Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with Bishbash.

I started playing Space Engineers about 5-6 years ago-ish.. I was pulled in not as a player or builder, but as a tools creator – because of my programmer background. 

5 years ago I founded the server that turned into the torch official game server – Torch system – the first ever community server to receive the “Gold star” assignment in the Space Engineers server list!

Currently I am the one maintaining Torch, which allows extensive additions to server functionalities. I am not alone – I also have to mention “Viktor ferenczi” who brought incredible work with performance improvements, I have to mention “Lord Tylus” for his many utility plugins that all major servers use.

Finally “Casimir” for his amazing “Nexus” project which has enabled multiplayer communities to grow into massive numbers by sharing a single world map across multiple servers (which yields a huge boost in user experience in terms of performance).

We are diligently working in the background, trying to ensure that many community servers transition smoothly between official Space Engineers updates. We are closely cooperating with Keen Software House and pre-emptively updating Torch so everything is smooth on the release day. 🙂



Torch is a community-made Space Engineers dedicated server that gives server owners powerful tools to make server maintenance easier.


A Torch plugin that allows you to connect a SE Server to specific channels on Discord.

Reduced ScriptManager (Whitelister)

Allows the admin to manually whitelist scripts they want to allow to be ran on programmable blocks on a server.
When a player opens up a programmable block, they will no longer be able to enter their own code, but rather select a program from a dropdown which contains scripts you have whitelisted in the config.

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With every custom build, mod design, line of script, planet, or skybox you create, you feed our “Need to Create”. 

Thank you for your continued support, collaboration, and inspiration.