Modder Spotlight: Chipstix213


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Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with Chipstix213.

We invite you to browse Chipstix213’s extensive workshop collection. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

I started out seeing Space Engineers content on YouTube, wondering how do I get this game that looks like it’s “Lego in space”. After playing for a few hours I was hooked and often lost track of time smashing grids into one another.

Absorbing as much information as I could about how the game woked I eventually stumbled into asking could someone add a grab handle into the game. The response was a loud “yes! why don’t you have a go yourself!”. From that “zero g hand hold” mod I was hooked and my knowledge of animation lead me to try custom characters. I was cautioned that this is a complex topic but my desire to learn drove me forwards. After creating a few variations and even a storm trooper or two I decided to expand into the NPC’s and created custom alien animals to make my single player world’s more alive.

There came a point where I felt I had learned enough and started offering custom characters and animations for machinima productions. This was welcomed with arms wide open. Most notable being the epic “deadly salvage” series.

The quest to learn about the game I enjoy has led me to begin my own tutorials and a selection of example mods for others to see and learn as I did. My latest endeavors have been focused on using the visual scripting tool to craft my own scenarios, hopefully incorporating the NPC’s that I crafted all that time ago.

No Suits

This mod adds 2 additional characters a male and a female without helmets or jetpacks.

Simply select the character you want from the medbay!

Alien animals

The alien planet now can have something other than spiders! Don’t let your guard down the spiders come out at night and will attack anything that moves.

Not even your grids are safe on this hostile world.

More engineer characters

This mod adds 4 new types of engineer suit to the medical room options Combat, Builder, Explorer and Next Gen.

Each suit has a different model and a different set of skills and weaknesses.

Medical Station

Decorative Medical scanner with bed function. Thanks to Stollie now with Healing action and rotating scanner action!

Piped up for O2& H2 replenishing, available in large & small grid.
Includes a dummy engineer you can place for a set dressing

Plushie character

Play as a your favourite stuffed toy!

You can find more of the amazing creations by Chipstix213 here.

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