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Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with Dan2D3D.

We invite you to browse extensive workshop collection by Dan2D3D. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

I first installed Space Engineers in December 2013 when it was available for a free weekend on Steam. I bought it right after and have been playing it every month since then. It became my favorite Sandbox game on Steam.

I really like the tools to create all I want, I always wanted to create space ships and it’s like Keen Software House made a game exactly for me 🙂
I like to participate by testing, reporting bugs and I also like to help other players so I spend a lot of time on the forums answering questions, finding working solutions with all sorts of concepts.

As I like to say : “There is always a solution – it only needs an Engineer, testing and trying till a solution is found.”

Snow Queen Station

Total PCU : 111 339
Total Blocks : 31 358
Total Grids : 33 (station) + 2 ships = 35 grids

Moon Base Scenario

The ASA Faction found three new planets where they have sent Colonists to explore, build stations and find Uranium but Pirates were detected so all Engineers have been evacuated.

You are the ASA Space Engineer sent at Moon Base to find Engineer facilities build a long time ago, eliminate the threat and make sure all stations are operational.

Planet Arena

This world need the Engineer in you and your piloting experience, the best ships and pilots will win.

– Dog Fight Arena (+4 checkpoints)
– Car/Ship Checkpoint Parkour (11 checkpoints)
– Ship Solo Parkour (11 checkpoints)

Mass Effect Collection

A collection of Mass Effect Ships.

Mega Drill

– Survival ready
– Uranium and Ice already in
– Accessible Nuclear Reactor port

You can find more of the amazing creations by Dan2D3D here.

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