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Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with enenrathe creator behind AQD. “A Quantum of Depth” is a project encompassing multiple small and larger mods aimed at improving the gameplay experience and eventually overhauling larger parts of the game. 

We invite you to browse enenra’s extensive workshop collection. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

Hi, I’m enenra. If you’ve browsed the Space Engineers Workshop before, there’s a decent chance you’ve seen one of my submissions: I work on the A Quantum of Depth (AQD)-series of mods. Modding has been one of my favorite creative outlets and I’ve been modding various games for more than 15 years now – though compared to many of you I’m actually somewhat new to Space Engineers and its modding community.

The goal for my mods has always been that they should slot seamlessly into the existing game and that is what I’ve focused on with nearly all of my AQD mods. The mods listed below are a broad selection from that list. Tarps & Nets is my latest release and offers some fun decorative blocks while the Builder’s Skybox is ideal for any player that likes to focus on building in creative mode. The Upgradeable Gyroscopes add blocks and mechanics that will be especially useful for all of those massive projects while Vanilla Ore Distribution offers a unique and more challenging approach to survival gameplay. The Vanilla Extension modpack makes it dead-simple to install a curated list of extremely well-made mods by me and other creators.

Without the immense help and teaching by the many longstanding members of the community (and not least of all the very moddable nature of Space Engineers itself) I doubt I would have ever released even a single mod for this game. I hope that by providing the content of all of my mods on GitHub for reference, as well as working on modding guides”

AQD – Tarps & Nets

This mod adds a number of tarp and cargo net blocks to the game. They serve as great decorative options for your base, especially if you’re going for a more industrial or ramshackle look.

The cloth of the tarp-variants is even slightly animated. The mod also includes some pillars to hold up your tarps.

AQD – Vanilla Extension

This modpack contains various additions and mods of many different authors – including myself. It is aimed at extending the base game with new blocks and functionality.

I’ve tried to choose them carefully and made sure they fit neatly into the game, not changing gameplay in a too drastic way but still adding more possibilities and options.

AQD – Vanilla Ore Distribution

This mod changes ore deposits on planets to be further below the surface but also much larger.

It further also changes ore distribution: Now certain ores can only be found on specific planets, and what resources can be found in asteroids is greatly reduced.

AQD – Upgradeable Gyroscopes

This mod contains one larger gyroscope and several upgrade modules to increase the output of the existing gyros. The new gyroscope is intended to be used on large ships to reduce the need for huge amounts of standard gyroscopes, saving both space and improving aesthetics.

Additionally, all Gyroscopes are now animated in accordance with the grid’s movement.

AQD – Builder’s Skybox

This mod changes the skybox to one ideally suited for creative building.

It features a dark grey background with grid lines and axi labels in their corresponding colors, giving the appearance of a modelling application such as Blender.

You can find more of the amazing creations by enenra here.

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