Modder Spotlight: Klime


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Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with Klime.

We invite you to browse extensive workshop collection by Klime. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

I started playing Space Engineers in 2015 and started modding around 2018. Initially I was interested in cinematics and the Visual Scripting Tool and followed this up with my first scripted mods. Since then, my focus has been on PvP mods and scenario tools for Space Engineers.

There are over 400 mods on my workshop, so I’ve got a reputation for making niche or one-off mods! Many of the mods are for PvP maps and servers, which is an area I think Space Engineers can excel in. I’ve also made various Quality of Life mods and some experimental mods to push the limits of the game.

Going forward, I’ll be focusing on larger mod projects with an emphasis on custom PvP maps.


Moving resources across long distances in SE can be a challenge.
This mod adds pipelines to transfer material in a realistic and performant way.

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag is a classic PvP mode and fits SE well.
This mod adds functionality to spawn, setup and capture flags in scenarios.


Pressing Ctrl Z to undo an action is ubiquitous, and this mod brings it to SE.
It can undo misplaced blocks and revert coloring mistakes.


This mod adds the ability to press physical buttons from the cockpit.
Its found widespread use in first-person combat servers..

Filming Camera

This mod adds additional camera controls for the spectator, including tracking and panning.
Useful for content creators.

You can find more of the amazing creations by Klime here.

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