Modder Spotlight: Malware


Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with the legend, the one and only Malware

Back in 2014, after a long break from PC gaming, I stumbled upon Space Engineers. I can’t quite remember how I found out about it, but this game was what pulled me back into the fold.

So… I’m technically not a modder, as I don’t publish mods and scripts to the workshop. My work has been more about contributing directly to the game. I’ve tinkered with bits and pieces over the years, but the biggest chunk of work was probably the modern programmable block. I did a complete overhaul of its inner mechanics, making it possible to use all C#6 features.

So, why did I do this? I saw so much potential in that block, not just for my own enjoyment with code-based game automation. It also struck me as a great way for newcomers to get a taste of programming. What better way to show people the fun of programming, than allowing programming in a game?

In trying to realize this potential, I worked on more than just the programmable block. I also created the MDK-SE toolkit, which lets you write scripts in Visual Studio instead of the in-game editor. Plus, I pulled together the MDK Wiki, packed with as many tutorials as I could write or gather from the community.

The programmable block is what has kept me around to this day.”

Malware’s Development Kit for SE

A toolkit to help with ingame script (programmable block) development for Keen Software House’s space sandbox Space Engineers.

It helps you create a ready-to-code project for writing ingame scripts, and provides an analyzer which warns you if you’re trying to use something that is not allowed in Space Engineers.

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