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Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with nukeguard.

We invite you to browse the extensive workshop collection by nukeguard. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

Space Engineers wasn’t the first foray into modifying games, but by far modding the game has been the best and biggest learning experience for me. I began modding Space Engineers by only changing some things in the SBC files, then went on to audio, textures, and models; my model experience was very simple as I had only used Bryce 3D before Blender. The community provided a great deal of help and resources as I took the dive into creating models. I really love designing and have spent almost two decades using Photoshop for all kinds of projects

Some of the simplest ideas for mods I would have never considered to be really popular, and an example of that is the Rotary Airlock, I had teased a concept of that as a render animation in blender, and then forgot about it for almost a year. I was surprised when the community liked that mod so much when I finally picked up the concept again – I was glad that I had spent some good time with the aesthetics of that model. I also found it a lot of fun working with other modders on projects like, Nanite Construction System with Tyrsis, and Defense Shields and Weapon Core with Darkstar.

I love Space Engineers both for its easy mod-ability and its ability to suck me in for hours just tinkering and building in game when I’m trying to test mods, haha.

Nanite Control Facility v2.0 – Automated Construction

This is large ship block that creates and controls specialized nanites. These nanites can be programmed to perform different actions that can aid a ship and player in various ways. This includes: construction, repair, deconstruction, projection building and floating object cleanup.

The default factory allows a limited amount of each function, but can be expanded with attachable upgrades.

Defense Shields v2.0

These shields are designed to work with my combat framework WeaponCore.

Rotary Airlock

TThe Rotary Airlock, designed with atmosphere in mind. No more will you depressurize your rooms by accidentally opening the wrong doors, the Rotary Airlock keeps that vacuum away from your precious air and keeps its seal 100% of the time.

Built like any other door but remaining always open and closed at the same time. This is a quantum door, a paradox… 😀

Deuterium Fusion Reactors

Fusion Power is here! Here at Ntech we strive to provide you with the best products and a most elegant experience.

These reactors provide an order of magnitude more power than our alternative thorium reactors, yes we did borrow some tech, to make deuterium processing reasonable.

Retractable Plasma Accelerator Cannon

Ntech brings it’s first retractable turret, that accelerates plasma to 2000m/s with an effective range of 2km and a ammo range of 3km.

PDC Turret with retractable versions

Ntech Mods presents the PDC Turret: In production several months and then subsequently mothballed for a few months.

This Point Defense Cannon is now rebuilt with better components and detail, and higher firing rate than it’s mothballed predecessor, it will certainly be up for defending your ship against those missile volleys and general defense.

You can find more of the amazing creations by nukeguard here.

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