Modder Spotlight: Sektan


Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

We would like to begin this series with an absolute legend, Sektan. A regular content creator, contributor, and community leader, Sektan has worked tirelessly to create extremely high-quality mods including his visually stunning block variants, engineer variants, and NPCs.

With a truly staggering body of work, we invite you to browse Sektan’s extensive workshop collection. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

I started modding Space Engineers those years back because the game looked really promising when I first saw it on Steam during its early access release. It was pretty fast to make MODs for it – everything was easy to learn quickly from the game files and I could create and edit whatever I wanted.

I started the Moon Project in 2016 as my most expansive creation – it took me two years to make and there are more than 550 blocks and multiple factions.

The story is still not revealed though. Man can dream, eh? 🙂

I’m also the guy behind SE VR World Demo – a VR technology showcase created in Unreal Engine 4.

But what I enjoy the most to this day is making character models, new astronaut suits, and NPC monsters.

Moon Project

This MOD contains more than 550 new blocks + new Moon with spiders/sentinels.
I recommend use together with other MODs from Moon Project collection like suits, sentinels and rovers.

Zombie replace wolves

This mod replaces wolves on planet with in-theme astronaut zombies!

Battle Suit

Hydrogen Capacity – 250 (base game 125)
Run – 5 (base game 4)
Jump – 5 (base game 2.5)
Mass – 120 (base game 100)

You can find more amazing character suits here.


Delorean model in Space Engineers 🤩


You are now able to play as a BLOB!

You can find more of the amazing creations by Sektan here.

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With every custom build, mod design, line of script, planet, or skybox you create, you feed our “Need to Create”. 

Thank you for your continued support, collaboration, and inspiration.