Modder Spotlight: SEModder4


Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with SEModder4 one of the creators behind Azimuth Industries.

We invite you to browse SEModder4’s extensive workshop collection. With so much to explore there is certain to be something for everyone.

“I began work on modding Space Engineers back on August 17th, 2014 with the development of my first major mod pack that became massively known as the Small Ship Mega Mod Pack and has become the iconic mod for my whole modding career.
I found Space Engineers after moving from Minecraft and Arma 3 where I made mods for those games, so making mods for Space Engineers was far easier for me and I bought Space Engineers the day it came out in the Alpha build and have been in love since. Now I am not known for making ships or bases and or those insane mechs that I see each day in the Keen Software House discord that the wonderful community makes. But I am known for modding and have been a part of the community since the launch of the Discord.

I then moved onto many other mods to see just how far I could push myself and see what I could create with my favorite program called 3DS Max where I did all my custom collision meshes and 3D model work. I really love this program and it has taught me so much about myself that I didn’t know existed.

Some of my favorite mods I have done over the past 9 year modding career I have had are the Armor Ramps and Panels mod pack and I Cannot forget the mod that taught me the most about modding which is the 1st Generation of Azimuth (Azimuth Legacy) and working with TumbleTV/Vergil has been my all-time most enjoyable experience during the 9 years of modding the game.

To answer an honest question…Yes I do have dreams at night of modding SE. 😄
All in all I have really loved my experience with modding Space Engineers over my 9 year modding career.
Thanks for being part of making me the modder I am today and stay tuned for the massive update 6 of Azimuth Remastered, it is something you DON’T want to miss!”

Azimuth Remastered

Hi I’m Sparky! I’m the modeller for the Azimuth Remastered mod. SEModder is the bug tester, Icon converter,…(makes the categories) and handles the technical side, like making stuff work for xbox and G-Menu stuff, ect.

The Azimuth mod was originally created by TumbleTV and we have offered TumbleTV a contributor spot, though TumbleTV may have moved on from the modding scene as SEModder has taken over alot of Tumbles Mods (Including the Azimuth Mod!)

Small Ship Mega Mod Pack

A Small Ship Mega Mod Pack for everything that you could possibly need for all of your Small Ships.

Azimuth Complete Mega Mod Pack

This Ultimate Azimuth mod pack consists of TumbleTV/Vergil’s Epic mod creations they have created.

The perfect must-have mod for anyone wanting to build a downright Epic and Awesome ship!

Armor Ramps & Panels Mod Pack

A much requested Combined Mod Pack has arrived today and combines both the Reworked Armor Ramps Mod Pack and Armor Panels Mod Pack into one.

Advanced Shutters and Blinds Master Pack

Ever saw those Steel windows that come in the square and the diagonal (aka Edge) with the vents in them and always wanted them to move, well look no further to my newest creation.

The Advanced Shutters and Blinds Master Pack. It has animated vents surrounded by thick glass on either side of the vent to prevent oxygen from escaping through on both sides.

You can find more of the amazing creations by SEModder4 here.

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