Modder Spotlight: Whiplash141


Welcome to our Creator spotlight!

Continuing our series of Space Engineers modder Spotlights with Whiplash141 – the Fleetmaster extraordinaire! His Space Engineers journey is both amazing and inspiring:

“Space Engineers indirectly changed my life trajectory. I was studying college to become a mechanical engineer, when the Programmable Block was added to space engineers.

I quickly became addicted! I knew nothing about programming, but I knew that I wanted to make guided missiles. After lots of trial and error, I am now finally able to write missile code that sorta works, and I managed to get a job in the aerospace industry with the skills I’d learned from fooling around in SE.

I guess video games didn’t rot my brain like my parents said they would!

WMI Komodo Guided Missile Destroyer MK 2

The Komodo Mk 2 is the next generation of guided missile platforms from WMI. This vessel iterates on all the features of the original design and sports significantly improved guidance systems.

The Komodo Mk 2 sports six reloadable vertical launch cells with advanced active homing missiles controlled by my new guidance script: WHAM.

WMI Crossbow Guided Missile Bomber MK 1

The Crossbow is a compact, battery-powered medium range guided missile launch platform that represents the latest in WMI missile bomber tech.

The Crossbow Missile Bomber was developed to replace the aging Shortbow missile bomber and was designed to solve several of the major shortcomings of that particular craft.

WHAM | Whip’s Homing Advanced Missile Script

WHAM is an advanced homing missile script that supports a variety of features. It is quite configurable offering users options to customize things from the launch staging to the navigation constants used in the homing algorithms.

The main homing algorithms it uses are also based off of the real world Proportional Navigation control law (or ProNav) which provides pretty robust interception capabilities.

LAMP | Launch A Missile Program (for WHAM)

LAMP is a fire control program for my homing missile script, WHAM. It allows you to fire guided Player Made Weapons (PMWs) at targets.

You may be asking: “Why is it called LAMP?”. Well much like a lamp, this script illuminates a target for its missiles! (*Groan*)

SIMPL | Ship Integrity Monitoring Program Lite

This script draws a sprite-based 2D cross-section of your ship and will display destroyed blocks and highlight important ship systems. This script is designed to be as lightweight as possible (hence the name) while still retaining a decent amount of utility.

Larger ships will take longer to scan than smaller ships because the script is designed to only go through a few blocks per run to keep the performance impact low.

You can find more of the amazing creations by Whiplash141 here.

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