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Advanced 3D Models Guide

1) Run MwmBuilder.exe /?
2) Use any arguments you like

The output path argument expects “Content” somewhere in the path. It is best used to build models directly into game’s content directory.

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<Model Name=”Default”>
  <BoneGridSize d2p1:nil=”true” xmlns:d2p1=”” />
  <Parameter Name=”Centered”>false</Parameter>
  <Parameter Name=”RescaleFactor”>0.01</Parameter>
  <Parameter Name=”RescaleToLengthInMeters”>false</Parameter>
  <Parameter Name=”SpecularPower”>10</Parameter>
  <Parameter Name=”SpecularShininess”>0.8</Parameter>
  <Material Name=”01 – Default”>
    <Parameter Name=”SpecularIntensity”>0</Parameter>
    <Parameter Name=”SpecularPower”>2</Parameter>
    <Parameter Name=”DiffuseColorX”>255</Parameter>
    <Parameter Name=”DiffuseColorY”>255</Parameter>
    <Parameter Name=”DiffuseColorZ”>255</Parameter>
    <Parameter Name=”Texture”>Textures\Models\Cubes\</Parameter>
    <Parameter Name=”NormalTexture” />

Material name – it must match the material name in the fbx file. If you’re not sure, add /e switch, it will create dummy XML for you with materials from fbx
Texture – its path is relative, the texture must be placed into “Content\Textures” subdirectory
NormalTexture – when it is empty, it will try to find the texture with the similar name, in the above case “Textures\Models\Cubes\”
SpecularPower and SpecularShininess – influences parameters for specular highlight
BoneGridSize and BoneMapping – parameters used for destruction, available only for models created from plates (armor, interior wall…); see armor xml files for details
RescaleFactor, Centered, RescaleToLenghtInMeteres – usually not changed

de texture – RGB channel contains diffuse color, A channel contains emissivity
ns texture – RGB channel contains normal map, A channel contains specular map

Please take a look at the existing textures to see how it looks for various surfaces.
Please use DDS textures compressed as DXT5 to reduce the file size; there are plugins for both Photoshop and Gimp to import/export DDS. WTV is a recommended dds viewer.

Changing collision models is not available at the moment. Collision model is now based on model path and is created in code. For unknown models, it is just a bounding box.
Tools and guide for collision models are going to be added within the next updates.

Photoshop DDS plugin:
Gimp DDS plugin:
WTV Viewer:
Model pack: {Steam installations directory}\SteamApps\common\SpaceEngineers\Tools\MwmBuilder.exe

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