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  • These changes will be instituted in the future
  • Plugins are being removed from the Steam Workshop &
  • They will have a new location and they will be open source.
  • We have made this decision to better protect our community.


We would like to start by acknowledging our passionate plugin community. Plugins empower creators to provide interesting and unique possibilities to Space Engineers that are not otherwise possible.

While we support the plugin community, we have made the decision to remove plugins from the Steam Workshop &

However, rather than permanently lose access to plugins, we have partnered with our community to provide an open-source plugin solution via GitHub.

Why remove plugins now?
  • Mods and Plugins both carry some level of inherent risk.
  • A mod may not be compatible with other mods, could cause your game to crash, break your saved game, or otherwise negatively influence play. The hope is that the mod will work as intended but this is not always the case. Regardless of the result, a mod should only impact your game, and nothing else.
  • A Plugin, however, has the potential to have an impact outside your game. A plugin could potentially harm your system, damage, corrupt, or delete data outside the game or even install secondary software. It is because of this risk that Plugins are no longer available via the Steam Workshop.

Plugins are not permitted on the Steam Workshop or and will be removed if posted. Repeat offenses will result in moderator action, up to and including a permanent ban. We believe that taking these steps helps us better protect our community. Plugins are used at your own risk and Keen Software House will not be responsible for damages arising from their use.

We feel that we have a better solution, driven by collaboration with our community. The Plugin Loader.

What is Plugin Loader?

The Plugin Loader is an easy way to install and load plugins and mods on the Space Engineers client. The Plugin Loader and plugins themselves still carry risk. However, plugins have value because they can edit game functionality in ways mods simply cannot. This means plugins offer gameplay possibilities that are otherwise impossible.

  • It is free.
  • It is open source under the MIT license.

Security is an important factor in Plugin Loader, so the team behind the Plugin Loader reviews items in the plugin list, manually, before they are made available. Plugins that are updated must be checked again before the updated version is released. All plugins on the list must also be open source so anyone can see the code that is running on their client.

See the GitHub page for more details.

A word from the Author

“Plugin Loader was created by me, Avaness, in response to the demand for a modern and maintained Space Engineer’s plugin manager. I saw the huge potential in plugins like Camera LCD and I knew it had to be fixed. I wanted to replace it with something that was easier to use and fully open source, which is why it is on GitHub with an MIT license.

Special thanks to Viktor, author of Multigrid Projector, and all others that have contributed to the project.”

Plugin Loader relies on GitHub for much of its functionality, including the plugin list itself. If you are unable to access GitHub in your region, you will not be able to update or download any plugins.

Once installed, plugins can be configured from the main menu of Space Engineers using the plugins button. The game may take some extra time to start when Plugin Loader is installed, so expect the splash screen to be up for longer.

See the GitHub page for more details.

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