Results of the “War Production” Competition


Greetings Engineers!

As always, we’d like to start by thanking every community member that submitted an entry in the War Production screenshot competition. It was no easy task to decide the winners!

Multiple members of the team across different departments voted to find the winners including Marek Rosa (CEO & Founder), artists, designers, and more. There really were so many epic and high quality screenshots to choose from!

We first announced and reacted to winners on last week’s 8th Anniversary Livestream. In case you missed that, you can see the results summarized below.

Maximum Machinery

1st – Tim

2nd – Ronidude:

3rd – Robert:

Industrial Automation

1st – Romain:

2nd – Stephen:

3rd – Tyler:

Vehicles of War

1st – Shadow Trace:

2nd – Tor:

3rd – Sioux:

Heavy Industry (Modded)

1st – Cherro:

2nd – Shadow Trace:

3rd – Ronidude:

Industrial GIF/Video

1st – Shadow Trace:

2nd – Dakyn:

3rd – Galactic Gaming:

Many thanks to everyone once again for submitting all the amazing screenshots. We now look forward to the next community competition!