Sounds of Space Engineers 2023 – Results


Hello, Engineers!

After an overwhelming response featuring more than 100 submissions, the top 15 tracks of the 2023 Space Engineers music competition have been selected by multiple judges at KeenSWH! It was no easy task selecting these winners as there were many high quality and unique entries.

The judges tried to select a mix of music styles so that there is variety and hopefully something for every player to enjoy! All of these tracks should be making their way into the Jukebox in a future update.

Enjoy listening to these amazing tunes!


Winning Tracks (in no specific order):

  • Clang the Conqueror by Utho Riley
  • Oxygen by HarkaH
  • Space Funk by Touko Kinnunen
  • Motherload by Jonathan
  • To the Moon by Pharozen
  • The Hunt by Neuroklast
  • Memory by Loki
  • Voyage to Andromeda by Allpline
  • Quasar by Amenopali
  • Space Guardians by Bart Zeal ft. Sanne Carolyn
  • Aye by LunixiaLIVE
  • Outnumbered by KhydroDjent
  • New order by Schxfer
  • Space Engineers Main Theme Remix by Happy
  • The Day of Battle by Deus Nebula

Honorable Mention:

  • ClangDrive by Black5heep


Many thanks to everyone who entered and big congratulations to our winners. It was a joy to listen to so many incredible entries which also made it especially difficult to decide on the best of the best.

We hope you enjoyed the competition as it’s definitely something we would like to do again in the future!