Gameplay and other issues

Problem: Rubberbanding in multiplayer, slow internet connection issues
Solution: Go to Options -> Video -> Turn Render Interpolation ON

Problem: Unstable structure using rotors, my structure “wobbles” around
Solution: Place a gyroscope near the center of the mass. For detailed info, please watch:

Problem: Player cannot see any saves (even newly created) after a clean install of the game.
Solution: When the log file contains “System.BadImageFormatException” it means that .NET is broken. Reinstalling .NET will help you to solve this issue

Problem: Continuous stream of “11111” in text box
Solution: If you keep pressing the numpad key and turn off NumLock key, the windows keyboard driver gets corrupted. The numpad key still appears to be pressed, even if you restart the application. The only way how to get back to the correct state is to press numpad key again with NumLock enabled.

Problem: “Can’t access symmetry mode”. Trying to enable symmetry mode, but pressing “M” only highlights the block with different colors and “N” doesn’t do anything.
Solution: Go to the NVIDIA control panel (usually accessible by right clicking on your desktop) and find “Manage 3D settings.” Then select the “program settings” tab, click “add” then “browse”, find the 64 bit “SpaceEngineers.exe” (the path is “C:\Program Files (x86)Steam\SteamApps\common\SpaceEngineers\Bin64”) and double click “SpaceEngineers.exe.”. After doing this, find the “Antialiasing – Mode” and change it to Enhance application setting, or application-controlled. Hit apply and that should fix it.
Note: This solution applies only to for NVIDIA. Special thanks to our players who found this solution.

Problem: Keyboard is not working. No input while in game
Solution: This problem can be caused by some 3rd party keyboard and mouse software such as Synergy, VirtuMVP, etc. In order to resolve this problem, uninstall all 3rd party software and restart your system.

Problem: The camera is rotating/spinning (copy/paste issue)
Solution: First try to disable/unplug all kind of game controllers and other pointing devices. Also try to press the arrow keys on your keyboard and on numpad (keypress may fix it). Restarting your PC should help as well.

Problem: Steam Workshop worlds fail to load (steamwebhelper issue)
Solution: A steam process called steamwebhelper.exe is causing this problem. Go to your Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL, Start Task Manager), Processes and delete the two tasks named “steamwebhelper.exe”.

Dedicates Servers related issues

Problem: Game is not updated – dedicated client still running
Solution: If the player doesn’t terminate the service after running a SpaceEngineersDedicated session, Steam will block Space Engineers from being updated and it will always display an error message. In order to fix this, just terminate the SpaceEngineersDedicated session.

Problem: The process “SpaceEngineersDedicated.exe” could not be terminated. It can be terminated only forcefully (with /F option).
Solution: When you run the process as an application, you will not be able to terminate it normally. In order to do so you need to run it as service and not as application.

You can find detailed information about the Dedicated Servers here.

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