Update 1.197 – Planet Pertam, New Features, Blocks & Wasteland Pack


The new Wasteland update is here! Wasteland is all about speed, dust, roaring engines, twisted metal, and especially, fun with your friends. We have focused heavily on improving the multiplayer experience, something we hope you enjoy with other players. Wasteland provides you with new choices when designing your creations: New Blocks, Planet and Racing Scenario, Voxel Materials and much more.

  • New Armor Block Variants
  • New Voxel Materials
  • New Planet, Scenario
  • New Rover Cockpit
  • New Features
  • Xbox Dedicated Servers
  • Premium Content
  • FAQs
Free Content

As with every update, since Space Engineers moved out of early access, we are expanding the number of blocks, materials, and features with the Wasteland release. Expand your creative arsenal with new blocks, specifically created for this occasion, and new voxel materials designed to provide that “perfect” racing feeling. Take a seat in a new cockpit and cruise your vehicle across the landscape of a brand new planet, custom built for Wasteland. 

You can find the list of all new free game additions below. We are again giving you the opportunity to support the future development of Space Engineers by buying the Wasteland DLC, which includes even more thematic additions to Space Engineers.

Armor Blocks

  • Half Slope Inverted
  • Half Slope Corner
  • Half Slope Corner INV.
  • Sloped Corner Tip
  • Sloped Corner Base
  • Sloped Corner
  • Half Sloped Corner Base
  • Half Corner
  • Corner Square
  • Corner Square INV.
  • Half Sloped Corner

New Planet – Pertam
A sprawling (50KM) desert world. While it’s barren landscape may seem somewhat alien, the atmosphere is breathable. With a world gravity of 1.2, electrical storms, and scarce resources, even hardened survivalists will struggle to carve out a settlement here.

Voxel Materials

  • CrackedGround
  • DustyRocks1
  • DustyRocks2
  • DustyRocks3
  • PertamSand

Rover Cockpit

Scrap Race Scenario
Scrap Race is a racing scenario designed for multiplayer. Custom craft a vehicle of your own, or select one of the pre-designed ones and compete against motorheads, thrillseekers, and speed-freaks from across the system. Get building, get racing, or get left in the dust.

New Features

  • Hydrogen Rebalance
  • Ultimate Spectator
  • VST Dedicated server support
  • Wheel and boot print decal support

Xbox Dedicated Servers

Since the release of Space Engineers on Xbox, dedicated servers have been a high priority! Not just as a requested feature, but as a single solution for many of our most requested community features.

Increasing the number of players in a multiplayer game, unlimited PCUs, and scripting were the biggest requests on our support forums from the community. The answer to all of these are Dedicated Servers.

From now on, you can join any public server in the Join Game screen:

The “Join Game” screen also features a favorites and a history tab, where you can find the last joined servers or your favorites. The “Friends” tab will list the servers where any of your friends are connected.

Starting today, there are multiple official public servers, available for free, for each major region.

You can even spawn your own Dedicated Server right from the Join screen, selecting our Nitrado partner logo. It will start their eponymous app, where you can set up the server however you want. If you don’t feel like having the server public, it can be password protected. 

You can also enable scripts there.

See our partner’s app for more details on pricing and server setup instructions. 

Other Xbox News

With this update, we have made numerous improvements to Gamepad controls and Xbox build overall.

You can now scroll through the block variants in the recent blocks, set the size of the GUI for TVs cropping your screen edges, improved block grouping, set exact value for any slider in the game and many many more. See the changelog for the whole list.

Last but not least, we have added support for spiders and wolfs AI to the Xbox build.

This update is packed with improvements for the Xbox community and we feel it finally got the attention it deserved. Please, let us know what you think!

Xbox Series X

With this update, players fortunate enough to own Series X console, will get some special treatment for their machines. It includes:

  • High graphics settings
  • 500000 PCU in experimental (up from 200000 for other consoles)
  • Better simulation quality in scenarios
  • Blazing fast loading times
  • Much better performance overall
Wasteland Pack

Similar to our previous major releases, we decided to give you an opportunity to support the further development of Space Engineers. We have created a pack that consists of cosmetic items that enrich your game visually. You can experience them in the free Wasteland scenario. None of the things in the package brings any advantage to players who purchase this DLC. The price of the Wasteland Pack is $3.99 USD, or your regional Steam equivalent, so if you wish to support us, check out the Wasteland Pack. 

The package includes the following items:

Off-road Wheels: Make your vehicle stand out, with the new Off-Road Wheels

Exhaust Pipes: Use the Exhaust Pipes to decorate your ride with new particle effects

Buggy Cockpit: Drive in style in the new Buggy Cockpit

2 Viewport Blocks: Update your crew quarters with the new View Port block

Barred Window: An ultra-rugged reinforced steel window.

Offset Light: A variation of the interior light with a brand new look.

Offset Spotlight: A proper looking headlight for all your vehicular needs.

3 Storage Shelves: Spice up your garage, storage room, or shop!

Concrete Armor Skin: New skins allow for structures and vehicles like never seen before in Space Engineers.

Dust Armor Skin

Heavy Rust Armor Skin

Retro Future Armor Skin

Scavenger Character Skin: Brave the wasteland in the Scavenger suit.

2 New Character Emotes: “Drunk” & “Bite Me”

All the items in the pack are cosmetic only.