Update 1.203.6 – Microsoft Store


Hello, Engineers!

With this update, we are bringing Space Engineers to Microsoft Store

For our Xbox community, you’ll now find Space Engineers in your Microsoft Store library, making it easier than ever to dive back into the cosmos. What’s even more thrilling is that if you already own Space Engineers on Xbox, you’ll receive the Microsoft Store version automatically, at no extra cost. It’s our way of saying thank you for being part of the Space Engineers journey. 
With full crossplay, Microsoft Store users can team up with their Steam and PlayStation friends and explore Space Engineers on their platform of choice!

The universe is waiting, and whether you’re a seasoned space engineer or a first-time explorer, this expansion to the Microsoft Store opens up a galaxy of possibilities. Embark on new adventures, craft incredible spacecraft, and join a thriving community that shares your passion for the cosmos.

Welcome to the next chapter of Space Engineers!

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